Jim was an inspirational figure in the field of Demography. For many, including myself, working with him was a dream worth pursuing. In 2015, I met Jim through EDSD, where he taught mathematical demography. The EDSD, a product, partly, of his imagination is a program that promotes demographic training, but also a life-changing experience. He invited me to do a PhD in Odense in 2016, and I was lucky enough to share many lunches and listen to his stories. It was through his stories, experience and valuable comments and feedback that I learnt how much he loved the field of Demography. A love that was contagious. Many generations of demographers had the opportunity to see his performances, almost like a showman, when he was teaching demography. I relish my memories with Jim and keep close to heart what he taught me and the time we worked closely. He will be missed, but his school and legacy will continue through all those that were touched and influenced by him.