«Model simple, think complex»

Where the flame of Demography burns the brightest

...it was Jim who made the flame of Demography burn the brightest. It is now the turn of us all, Jim’s students and collaborators, to carry the torch.

You gave us wings

Jim’s generosity toward me as a young researcher was formative. His philosophy of openness in sharing data inspired my own commitment to building and sharing data resources

Through a daughter's eyes

Touching memories shared at a commemorative event in Odense

The medfly actuarial Hubble Telescope

Some scholars contribute to science chiefly through their publications, others through their organizational and motivational skills, and still others through the force of their intellect. Jim Vaupel was one of the rare scholars who contributed to science in all of these ways

The visionary of European demography

We will remember his youthful enthusiasm for innovative ideas how to develop research on population

Keep doing research on centenarians in Brazil!

Jim was an extraordinary scientist and human being. I feel lucky and grateful to have had the chance to meet him

Jim founding European Doctoral School of Demography

Jim’s enthusiasm brought people together to pursue a common goal. That spirit continues today

The love for demography

I learnt how much he loved the field of Demography. A love that was contagious

Come back whenever you want

I feel a deep sense of gratitude to him, and to the Institute that he founded. It is a magical place, and Jim was a magician

Jim as my friend and colleague

Jim’s energy and open personality attracted several other smart people around him.

A decent person

Always kind, interested, humble and razor-sharp

Jim Vaupel: the visionary who could see a «World in a Grain of Sand»

He had the ability of «seeing the World in a Grain of Sand»

A Model for Academic Demographers

He also was gracious, kind, and a great mentor to others. Plus, he was fun!

Jim taught others to see possibilities, not limits

Jim was an imaginative scientist who gave us important new questions to ponder and examples of how to think them through carefully

A hopeful demographer

Jim was a generous supervisor and gave me the freedom to find my own path

Duke University Demographers’ Tribute to James W. Vaupel

He nourished innovative demographic research at Duke and contributed to its distinctive interdisciplinary model that transcends the natural and social sciences in a network of mathematicians, actuaries, biologists, geneticists, medical scientists, epidemiologists and formal and social demographers.

Jim Vaupel was one-of-a-kind

His personality, style and demeanor were not designed to make scientific contributions at the fifth decimal place

Jim was bigger than life

He has had an immense influence on the careers of new generations of demographers

Only mortality is alive!

Jim was a very generous boss, open minded and supportive. He believed in the potential of people and supported them to grow

Ciao Jim!

"I’m your boss, but when it comes to science, we argue peers to peers"

In Memoriam: Professor James W. Vaupel

His research work ranged from demographics to mathematics and statistics, from the social sciences to economics and politics, from biology to anthropology and genetics

Jim in Rome

I just really enjoyed being taught by Jim when he taught on the EDSD programme in Rome in November 2015

Six Italian coffees

I seem to see him now as he said, "Graziella, why don’t we organize a European doctorate in demography together?"

Recollecting Jim Vaupel

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim about 15 years ago, when he was brainstorming the idea of an NIH Program Project grant for a set of cross-species studies of the health-survival paradox.

What is your BIG question?

Jim was an enthusiastic explorer not bounded by the arbitrary limits of any discipline. And he thought that his beloved demography encompassed perfectly all his diverse research interests.

Farewell & thank you, Jim

Jim has had a profound influence on my career by offering me the opportunity to join the European Doctoral School for Demography back in 2005.

He was interesting, and interested

Here I am, a little postdoc working in quite a different corner of demography to Jim, thinking how I am going to talk to this famous scientist for an hour

Jim in Barcelona

He always encouraged and recognised the work of our researchers and was a great support to the Centre

Obituary, International Union for the Scientific Study of Population

Jim Vaupel went on to create the first open-access journal in the discipline, Demographic Research, launched several training initiatives, such as the European Doctoral School for Demography and the Max Planck Research Network on Aging, and informed European decision-makers through the Population Europe network.

Obituary, Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics

He deeply loved and appreciated the elegance of mathematics: a sentence he would probably have written first in his own obituary. To him, proving theorems and working on mathematical demography problems was – as he liked to say – what “angels tell each other on Sundays”.

Obituary, European Association for Population Studies

Jim was an enthusiastic and long term member of EAPS, Chair of the EAPS Advisory Board and 2018 Laureate of the EAPS Award for lifetime achievements.

Obituary, Faculty of Health Sciences SDU

He inspired countless young researchers with his analytical abilities and his incredibly elegant communication both in writing and speech

Obituary, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

He instilled a love for demography in generations of scholars across all disciplines, and in particular love for formal demography—or the champagne of demography, as Jim himself put it.

Obituary, Population Europe

Demographers, who had the great privilege to collaborate with him in the last decades, will always remember him as a visionary researcher, academic teacher and engaged supervisor

Obituary, University of Southern Denmark

Think big, be industrious and build strong alliances—these were his own guiding principles, and together with his talents, they took him far